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Salim Dawood
  • Diversifying diets: how can donors and the private sector work together?


    Early December in Brussels EU officials, member states, and civil society representatives met to discuss the current impact and future focus of EU investments on food and nutrition, at the meeting organised by Generation Nutrition, Alliance 2015 and MEP Linda McAvan. The SD4All programme, through Hivos’ membership of the Alliance2015, also contributed to the discussions.

  • Achieving real transformation in our food system


    Frank Mechielsen of Hivos reports back from the annual Committee for Food Security, the main international platform that explores food security concerns. He describes how joint action can deliver much needed change in the ways that we produce and consume our food.

  • Food, sisterhood and dreams


    On World Food Day, Nicole Szucs reports back from a dialogue on increasing dietary diversity and local food systems in Bolivia, and highlights a new video showing how women play a vital role in the food cycle, from production to consumption.

  • The true cost of food isn’t on the package


    Factors such as greenhouse gas emissions, water pollution and soil erosion are not considered in today’s cost calculations of products and production systems. Nor are the effects these product and systems have on society and health. If such factors were taken into account, the true cost of maize production, for example, would be 2 to 2.5 times higher. 

  • Towards making quality seeds accessible and available in Uganda


    Farmers were one of many stakeholders taking part in discussion on ways to accelerate access of quality seeds to farmers in Uganda at the Seeds for All Symposium. This event was organized by Hivos’ Sustainable Diets programme together with Integrated Seed Sector Development (ISSD), Interchurch Organization for Development Cooperation (ICCO) and OXFAM.

  • Creating knowledge and supporting action: citizen-generated evidence from food diaries in Uganda


    Citizens in Western Uganda are using food diaries to generate data on food consumption – helping them understand their own diets and advocate for a better food system.

  • Food for thought: outcomes of the SDG Conference


    Here’s some food for thought from Wageningen University & Research's 100th anniversary event, 'Towards Zero Hunger - Partnerships for Impact', where Hivos and IIED presented the work of the Sustainable Diets for All programme.

  • Taking stock: the Zambia Food Change Lab


    Hivos and IIED have documented the Lab’s journey so far in a new publication, Taking Stock: Zambia Food Change Lab: Mobilising Diverse Actors to Advocate for Food Diversity. Alongside detailing the Lab’s results, the publication highlights important lessons learned from the Lab experience and acknowledges the way forward.

  • New Generation for Indonesian Cooking: Circular Economy in Indonesia


    Circular Economy (CE) is far from being a new concept, and yet it seems to be focusing mostly on waste, whereby products are recycled, repaired or reused rather than thrown away, and waste from one process becomes an input for another.

  • Joint action needed to reform our food system


    While participating in this year’s High-level Political Forum (HLPF), one thing became crystal clear to me. Come 2030, we will not have healthy and affordable food if we continue with business as usual. But no one institution can single handedly change the course of our food system.